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The fgl society was founded in 2000 in Calgary, Canada by David Mitrovica. This followed his tenure as president of the provincial chapter of Canada’s premier forum for discussion of the political and economic issues in the hemisphere that are critical to Canada, and particularly Canadian trade and investment.

It was Mr. Mitrovica’s view, however, that social expectations were increasingly redefining the terms of industry’s license to operate and, therefore, social and environmental issues needed to be considered. The fgl society provides an added piece of important and novel information to these major discussions. 

The society’s successes are the result of the cooperative efforts of many highly specialised individuals in Canada and abroad within a decidedly fluid structure. In 2001, the fgl society hosted the inaugural Canadian national civic forum on corporate social and environmental responsibility.

Our Mission

1.    To promote awareness, and understanding, of global business issues within the context of corporate social and environmental responsibility. 

2.    To promote cultural and linguistic literacy and respect for the democratic system.

During the last three decades, democratic reform and economic liberalisation have replaced totalitarian dictatorships and centralised economies. At the same time, in our deep-rooted, western democracies and liberal economic systems, there is vigorous - and sometimes violent - debate about the nature of our societies and the institutions which support them. The fgl society wishes to provide a forum for reasoned, and peaceful, discussion and change.  As a Canadian organisation, the fgl society is proud that Canada has been able to retain the values, which make it unique in the world, namely tolerance, pluralism, the talent for viable compromise, and a profound commitment to democracy. The fgl society wishes to continue, and build upon, this admirable tradition. Finally, the fgl society gratefully acknowledges, and thanks, the native, immigrant, and refugee peoples, and cultures, who continue to enrich this country.

About Federico García Lorca

Federico García Lorca was born in Spain in 1898. He was a man of enormous intellectual integrity and passion, and a poet of extraordinary eloquence and imagination. Lorca shone as a distinguished, and powerful, voice for liberty and justice – a rare quality in our equally fractured and unjust world. Indeed, these were the reasons that, in 1936, he was assassinated by the fascists. We dedicate these forums to Lorca to remind us of the continued need to defend our democracy, and to ensure that globalisation serves the needs of people, as well as markets.

The poet understands
all that is incomprehensible,
and things that hate each other
he calls his friends.

“I must congratulate you and your team for another inspiring, thought-provoking, relevant and intelligent Business Forum. Each speaker was engaging and presented extremely well.”

Lorelei Piotto, External Affairs Advisor, Chevron Canada Resources

“We are impressed by the fgl society’s commitment to build capacity amongst youth, the world’s future leaders and its equal dedication to involving Aboriginal groups and representatives of developing nations in global dialogue.”

Michael Lickers, Executive Director
Ghost River Rediscovery