March 24, 2021

Climate Emergency and Canada’s Energy Future


An energy transition is underway, spurring dramatic shifts in how the world produces and consumes energy. In Canada, that reality has been met by debate and policy planning about lowering the carbon footprint of the existing oil and gas production and about what role it can or should play in an increasingly decarbonizing world. - Sarah Hastings-Simon, Board member, Emissions Reductions Alberta

This is the first of a series of events open to the public on Canada’s energy transition, clean energy and renewables, energy systems and infrastructure, sustainable financing, labour and a just transition and more.

fgl society is thrilled to once again bring together leaders and policy makers in business, government, civil society and academia. Our goal is to make a unique contribution to raising public awareness and engagement in Canada’s energy future, climate change action, and the path to Net Zero by 2050.

This forum and those that follow seek to address central issues, and how we can ensure innovation-led economic growth leads to a greener, more inclusive, and sustainable world.

Our speakers will look at questions such as:
• Are Canadians going to be active participants in creating our future?
• What will this future look like?
• How are we going to get there?
• Who will benefit?
• What are our responsibilities and to whom?

This event was broadcast live from 10:00am - 11:30am (MDT) on March 24, 2021. Watch the program recording below


Linda Crompton
President and CEO, Leadership Women
Dallas, Texas
Founding President and CEO, Citizens Bank of Canada

Vancouver, BC

Linda Crompton is an international thought leader with a passion for helping women advance personally, financially and professionally. Linda began her career in the Canadian banking industry in 1987, where she made history, becoming Canada’s first female bank president, serving as Founding President/CEO of Citizens Bank of Canada in Vancouver from 1996 through 2001. In 2001, Linda was named President and CEO of the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute. From 2007 to 2013, she was named President/CEO of BoardSource. She has served as President & CEO of Leadership Women since 2015, focusing on expanding Leadership Women’s role in preparing women to lead in an increasingly global environment.

Dr. Sara Hastings-Simon
Senior Researcher, Payne Institute for Public Policy,

Colorado School of Mines,

Golden, Colorado, USA
Research Fellow, University of Calgary, School of Public Policy

Dr. Hastings-Simon is an expert in energy, innovation, and climate policy. Her focus is on improving understanding of how energy and industrial transitions happen within different sectors of the economy, and how public policy can improve outcomes. In addition to her role with the Payne Institute
on natural resources, energy and the environment at the Colorado School of Mines, Sara is on the panel for Clean Growth with the Canadian Climate Choices Institute, a member of the board of directors of Emissions Reduction Alberta, and a research fellow at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary.

Wes Jickling
Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)
Calgary, Alberta

Wes Jickling assumed the role of COSIA Chief Executive in August 2019.  Prior to joining COSIA, Wes was the Chief Executive Officer of Innovation Saskatchewan and Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs for Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe. Wes has held senior roles in corporate, government, and international organizations, including United Nations postings in Brazil, Swaziland, Ukraine and Sudan. Wes was born and raised in Estevan, Saskatchewan. He and his wife Shelley have three young children.

Donna Kennedy-Glans
Former Alberta Associate Minister, Electricity and Renewable Energy;

Author, Beyond Polarity
Calgary, Alberta

Donna has been active in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors over a 35-year career. She has served as an MLA and Cabinet Minister in the Alberta Government, including as Associate Minister of Electricity & Renewable Energy; as lawyer, executive and advisor to the Alberta and global energy sector; as founder of a non-profit to train youth and female leaders in Yemen and in First Nations communities in Alberta. Donna is a published author and educator in the fields of organizational integrity and ethics. Donna serves as Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors at the Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta.

David Milia
Board member, President and CEO, Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus
Calgary, Alberta

David is President and CEO of the Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus, a Canadian non-profit, which promotes an all-inclusive and progressive energy and climate future. David has held various technical and management positions and served as advisor to several boards before transitioning to academia. He has served as the Academic Chair for the B. Sc. in Construction Project Management at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Chairman of the Canadian Coalition for Green Finance, and Director of Strategic Centre Initiatives at the University of Calgary, which included leading the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Energy and Environment Initiatives.

Jon Mitchell
Vice President, Sustainability Suncor
Calgary, Alberta

Jon is Vice President of Sustainability at Suncor. He leads a multi-disciplinary team accountable for the development, stewardship and integration of Suncor’s sustainability strategy. He is responsible for driving Suncor’s sustainability performance, managing strategic sustainability issues, advancing key influencer collaboration, and developing leading environment, social and governance practices. Throughout his career, Jon has advised industry and government on establishing and sustaining climate leadership among energy-producing jurisdictions; on how to steward air, land and water resources; and where to invest in clean innovation. He has worked in the environment and sustainability field for over 20 years.


Geoff Martin
Senior Associate, Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research (CESAR),

University of Calgary

Geoff has more than 40 years in the energy sector.  His experience includes oil and gas exploration, business development in the pipeline sector, VP of a data management company, technology marketing and sales, and project set-up, start-up and management. Besides Canada, he has lived and worked in Latin America, the Middle East and Australia.  Since 2016, he has spent the bulk of his time digging into the global energy transition, trying to understand how regions vary in their speed of adoption and adaption.