March 28, 2000

Organisation of American States – Canada in the Americas and the Americas in Canada

Calgary, Alberta

The year 2000 marks the 10th anniversary of Canada’s entry into the Organisation of American States (OAS). It also marks our first opportunity to host the OAS General Assembly, which is held at the level of foreign ministers. The discussions that will occur and the solutions that will emerge from the 2000 General Assembly will play a vital role in shaping the agenda for hemispheric leaders when they gather in Canada for the third Summit of the Americas - the 2001 Summit of the Americas - in Quebec City in 2001.

Ambassador Boehm discusses Canada’s priorities within the OAS - Trade and Integration, Human and Hemispheric Security, and Civil Society - as well as the process by which these priorities are implemented. It is an exciting time for Canada in the Americas and for the Americas in Canada.

Mr. Peter M Boehm, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada

Washington D.C., USA