November 23, 2003

Human Rights – is it any of your Business?

Calgary, Alberta

As the influence of global companies grows in the world economy, and as their impact on the societies in which they work deepens, it is becoming evident that their license to operate and their reputation depend on their acceptability to society at large.

Respect for human rights is at the core of this acceptability. Global leaders in business, government, and non-governmental organisations participate in a stakeholders’ dialogue. Its aim is to mobilise business and partners. Join us for a full day of dialogue, exhibitions, progress and enjoyment.



David Mitrovica, President

fgl open global business society

Calgary, Alberta

Jean-Louis Roy, President

Rights and Democracy

Montreal, Quebec

Hon. David Kilgour, M.P., P.C., Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific

Government of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario

D’Arcy Levesque, Director

Public and Government Affairs, Enbridge Inc.

Calgary, Alberta


Peter Frankental, Business and Human Rights Division

Amnesty International

London, UK

Author, ‘Human Rights – is it any of your Business?


Jaqueline Saettone, Partner

Aleteia Capital

Lima, Peru

Dr. Robert Kirby and Mr. Gian-Carlo Carra, Faculty of Environmental Design

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Tom Keenan, University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta

Andrew Mitrovica, Investigative Journalist

Winner of Amnesty International,

Canadian Association of Journalists, and New York Festivals Award

Toronto, Ontario