March 17, 2005

Skills and labour shortages – Part 1

Calgary, Alberta

Widespread skills and labour shortages are undermining the ability of Alberta companies to compete globally, as well as posing a serious threat to the Alberta economy. An aging workforce, rapid technological change, insufficient investment in education and training are just some of the causes.

Understanding the key features of those companies who are meeting these challenges and prospering is the basis of this forum. It is also the basis of Alberta’s long-term economic prosperity and strong, vibrant and cohesive communities.

The fgl society brings together a diverse, uniquely positioned group of presenters representing various stakeholder groups. We focus on local and national initiatives to address the current and future skills and labour shortages. Amongst others, these initiatives include partnerships between business, government and not-for-profit agencies, as well as education and training institutions, to provide information and to develop ways for business to access pools of talent typically overlooked.

Learn how your company or organisation can utilise the knowledge of these partnerships to recruit, develop and retain a competitive workforce - the only truly long-term competitive advantage and the key to your future success.

On this occasion, the fgl open global business society will also be presenting Eric P. Newell with the Lorca Prize. The Lorca Prize is awarded by the fgl society to an individual in recognition of a lifelong commitment and outstanding service to business innovation and social justice. Mr. Newell is the first recipient of this award.



Julie Ball, Executive Director

Talent Pool, Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Calgary, Alberta

Eric P. Newell, O.C., A.O.C., Chancellor

University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

Elizabeth McIsaac, Secretariat Manager

Toronto Region Immigrant Employee Council

Toronto, Ontario

Barry Lindeman, Manager, Community Affairs

Canadian Paraplegic Association of Alberta

Calgary, Alberta

Fred Somerville, Partner

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Calgary, Alberta