September 10, 2007

Towards a safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable workplace and community

Calgary, Alberta

As Alberta’s economic boom continues, the safety and health of employees, contractors and communities as well as the impact on our physical environment is increasingly seen as a mark of good governance and responsible corporate citizenship as well as a determinant of profitability.

Please join our esteemed presenters and senior delegates from business, diverse community stakeholder groups and government representatives to examine the challenges and the solutions.

On this occasion, the fgl open global business society will also be presenting James K. Gray with the Lorca Prize. The Lorca Prize is awarded by the fgl society to an individual in recognition of a lifelong commitment and outstanding service to business innovation and social justice. Mr. James Gray is the second recipient of this award.



James K. Gray, O.C., A.O.E.

Businessman, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Founder and former Chairman, Canadian Hunter

Exploration Ltd.

Charman, 16th World Petroleum Congress

Calgary, Alberta

Alex Baumann, O.C., Olympic Gold Medalist

Executive Director

Road to Excellence

Podium Canada

Ottawa, Ontario