June 21, 2010

Public engagement, climate change and Canada’s oil sands

Toronto, Ontario

Leaders in Canada’s oil sands industry acknowledge that the industry’s environmental record is ‘not good’ and that it has a ‘big problem’. The development of the oil sands and the environmental footprint of these industrial activities has become an international issue transcending the interests of any single corporation, organisation or government.

Please join our esteemed presenters as we address issues that will define the terms of industry’s license to operate as well as Canada’s international reputation. Your participation and suggestions are a crucial force for social justice, environmentally sustainable economic growth and human progress.



Tom Huffaker  

Vice-President, Policy and Environment

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Calgary, Alberta

Andrew Nikiforuk  

Author (‘Tar Sands’) and Journalist

Pincher Creek, Alberta

Janet Keeping  


Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership

Calgary, Alberta

John D. Wright  

President and Chief Executive Officer

Petrobank Energy and Resources

Calgary, Alberta


Elise Herzig  

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ontario Energy Association

Toronto, Ontario 


Dr. Jerry X. Mitrovica  

Professor of Geophysics

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences,

Harvard University

Director & Fellow, Earth Systems Evolution Program

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Cambridge,Massachusetts, USA

Simon Dyer  

Director, Oil Sands

Pembina Institute-Sustainable Energy Solutions

Calgary, Alberta

Eugene Ellmen  

Executive Director

Social Investment Organization

Calgary, Alberta