October 12, 2000

Peru – Trade and Investment opportunities

Calgary, Alberta

Perú has one of the most open and dynamic business environments in Latin America. Since 1991, the privatisation of major state enterprises has generated foreign investments of over US $7billion. Canada’s fast-growing presence in Perú is reflected by the more than 75 Canadian companies now established in the country, and the over 200 represented by local agents. Canadian investments in Perú currently exceed $2 billion, and are expected to reach more than $5 billion within the next six years. Significant market demands and opportunities exist in: oil and gas equipment and services, travel and tourism, computer software, engineering/construction/architecture, electric power systems, mining equipment, environmental goods and services, telecommunications.



Henry Day, President

Perú 2021, Chairman, Energrup

Lima, Perú


Patricia Barclay, Director, COMEX

Perú Institute of Foreign Trade

Lima, Perú


Edgardo Loret deMola, Director

Drake Beam Morin

Lima, Perú


Diego de la Torre de la Piedra, Chair

La Viga

Lima, Perú


Rod Ramage, Sales Manager

Western Canada, Continental Airlines

Vancouver, BC


Glenn Smith, National Corporate Sales Manager

Latin America Division, Continental Airlines

New York, USA