February 19, 2002

Green and competitive – ending the stalemate

Calgary, Alberta

How an industry responds to environmental problems may be a leading indicator of its overall competitiveness. Nevertheless, debate pitting the environment against competitiveness continues to dominate public policy. Now is the time for a paradigm shift to carry us forward into the new millennium.

Dr. Michael Porter, Harvard Business School

Learn how the best scientific minds and research are significantly influencing public policy and business decisions; how enterprises are innovating to secure competitive advantage; how civil society is affecting business decisions and how industry is being impacted by increasing stakeholder activism.



Dr. Daniel P. Schrag, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences

Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

2001 MacArthur Foundation 'Genius' Award recipient

Joel R. Nodelman, Manager

Sustainable Development, EPCOR

Edmonton, Alberta

Mathew Price, Research Associate

Natural Resource Defence Council

Washington, D.C., USA

David Surplus, President

B9 Energy (Wind Farming, Biomass)

Larne, Northern Ireland

Judi Huntley, Ecologist and Landowner

Pincher Creek, Alberta