May 9, 2003

Global Youth Summit – Day 1

Calgary, Alberta

Canadian and foreign youth, as well as representatives of government, business and non-profit associations, come together as partners to share ideas regarding global political, economic, social and environmental issues. The central aims are: to promote international co-operation; bridge gaps in cultural understanding; encourage the participation of youth in public policy dialogue and development, and highlight examples of organisations where youth may make a positive contribution to society.

Please join us for a celebration in Word, Song, Dance, Pictures and tour the ‘International Avenue’ Pavilion.



Global Perspectives - Critical Issues

Welcoming Remarks

Alderman Madeleine King, City of Calgary

Amanda Affonso, B.A.

Calgary, Alberta

Aurelie Basha, B.Sc.

Brussels, Belgium

Kathy Madjidi, B.A., M.A.

Ghost River Rediscovery, Calgary, Alberta

Michèle Laberge, B.A.

Mer et Monde, Montreal, Quebec


Jean Claude-Maître, Artistic Director

Alberta Ballet


Pan-Canadian Organisations - Strengthening Community

Jason Cameron, B.A.

Calgary, Alberta

Maryam Nabavi, B.A.

Reach Out Against Racism

Calgary, Alberta

Dan Biggs, BSW, RSW

AIDS Calgary Awareness Association

Calgary, Alberta