Challenging traditional thinking

The fgl society organises and hosts forums and exhibitions addressing business, social, cultural, and environmental concerns. These forums are supported by partnerships with other business associations, public institutions and non-governmental organisations, in Canada and abroad. The fgl society is particularly mindful of its responsibility to build capacity amongst youth, the world's future leaders, and to foster mutually beneficial relationships with the many peoples of the developing world. While many nations and cultures are represented in the fgl society forums, focus is given to Peru, a nation within a region of growing interest to Canadians. We hope the fgl society forums challenge traditional thinking about the issues examined and our role in addressing them.

He knows that all paths
are impossible
and thus he walks them
calmly in the night.

David seeks to include various community groups in the business events he organizes. I share his enthusiasm for reaching across boundaries to seek solutions to challenges which confront our society.

James K. Gray, Chairman
16th World Petroleum Congress

Congratulations on another wonderful event! The speakers were absolutely fantastic and the whole day went off without a glitch.

Kathleen Newell, Environmental Consultant and Conflict Resolution Professional Newell Consulting Inc.